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Querqy.org is an umbrella for open source tools and libraries that helps you create a powerful e-commerce search platform quickly. The focus is on optimising search relevance from day one, beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of the Solr and Elasticsearch search engines.

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Make sure you check Chorus, a reference implementation for e-commerce search, now with Solr and Elasticsearch editions.

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Querqy.org - Tools and libraries


A query rewriting library for Elasticsearch and Solr. It helps you tune your search results for specific search terms and reduces the overall complexity of query building. It also comes with many dials and knobs for search relevance optimisation. You can plugin in your own query rewriter.

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Source code: Elasticsearch | Solr

Latest versions: QuerqyESDownload | QuerqySolrDownload | QuerqyOSDownload | QuerqyUnpluggedDownload | Release notes


Search Management UI. A web UI to manage rules for query rewriting with Querqy (query-dependent synonyms, filters, boost/demote documents, …) Supports rule management per language, multiple rule deployment targets, per-tenant rules. Currently available for Solr.

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Source code: SMUI

Release notes: v3.14.0


A Docker compose based reference implementation for Solr and Elasticsearch to ramp up your search project quickly.

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Source code: Chorus Solr Edition

Source code: Chorus Elasticsearch Edition

Meet Pete Blog Series:

  1. Meet Pete, the e-commerce search product manager.

  2. How does Pete, the e-commerce search product manager, build a web shop?

  3. Pete solves the e-commerce search accessories problem with boosting & synonyms

  4. Pete learns about selling search keywords with Chorus

  5. Pete finds out how to rate search results to create a judgement list

  6. Pete learns how to scale up search result rating

  7. Pete learns how to curate search results for a single query

  8. Pete establishes a Baseline Relevance Metric

  9. Pete improves a new class of queries with redirects

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Querqy.org is an initiative by

  • Eric Pugh

  • Johannes Peter

  • Paul M. Bartusch

  • René Kriegler

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