Release notes



Querqy configuration has changed in an incompatible way with the introduction of Querqy v5 for Solr. Make sure to follow the documentation for your Querqy version below. See here for detailed information about changes and a migration guide to Querqy 5 for Solr

Major changes in Querqy for Solr 5.5.1

This version re-implements info logging and introduces some breaking changes that will affect you if

  • you are using Info Logging, or

  • rely on the debug output format, or

  • you are using a custom rewriter implementation

Please see the documentation for details of Info Logging and debugging.

Notes on migration

To migrate info logging:

  • solrconfig.xml: If you have been using only the built-in info logging that adds log information to the request response, you can just remove all configuration related to info logging from solrconfig.xml (the <lst name="infoLogging"> under the Querqy query parser element). If you have been using a custom sink, please see section Expert: Predefined and custom sinks in Solr for how to configure it in the new version.

  • Add the rewriter-to-sink mapping to the configuration of each rewriter that you want to log. For example:

    2     "class": "querqy.solr.rewriter.commonrules.CommonRulesRewriterFactory",
    3     "config": {
    4                "rules" : "notebook =>\nSYNONYM: laptop"
    5     },
    6     "info_logging": {
    7       "sinks": ["response"]
    8     }

    The response sink is predefined and adds log information to the Solr response. If you are using a custom sink, you will have to add its name to the list of sinks here.

  • To enable Info Logging per request, the parameter querqy.infoLogging=on is no longer used. You can instead just use querqy.rewriteLogging.rewriters=*&querqy.rewriteLogging=details. Please see the documentation about Enabling info logging per request for the more fine-grained control over the response format that these parameters provide.

  • The format of the logging information that is being added to the Solr response has changed. The response key has changed from querqy.infoLog to querqyRewriteLogging and the log payload has changed in content and structure.

Changes in debug output:

  • The debug output (returned for debugQuery=true) is available in the response under a new key (debug/querqy/rewrite) and has changed in structure and content.

Changes affecting custom Rewriter implementations:

  • The signature of method rewrite(2x) of the querqy.rewrite.QueryRewriter interface has changed to:

    RewriterOutput rewrite(ExpandedQuery query, SearchEngineRequestAdapter searchEngineRequestAdapter)

    This means that the method no longer returns the rewritten ExpandedQuery but returns the ExpandedQuery together with the info logging output wrapped into a RewriterOutput object. This implies that the info logging information is no longer passed to the request context via the SearchEngineRequestAdapter.

Changes in Querqy for Solr 5.4.1

  • Bumping jackson-databind and json-smart versions (#348).

  • Do not rely on system character encoding settings but assure that input stream bytes are interpreted as UTF-8 (#346).

Major changes in Querqy for Solr 5.4.0

  • The Common Rules Rewriter can now produce multiplicative UP/DOWN boosts (#328).

Changes in Querqy for Solr 5.3.2

  • Improved scoring for new

    multiMatchTie (#327).

Changes in Querqy for Solr 5.3.1

  • Bugfix related using single term synonyms with new multiMatchTie (#315).

Major changes in Querqy for Solr 5.3.0

  • The Word Break Rewriter now applies language specific morphology also for compounding (#282). See morphology in the Word Break Rewriter configuration.

  • You can now configure the path under which rewriter configurations will be stored in ZooKeeper (#263). For more information, see the zkDataDirectory property in the Querqy RequestHandler configuration

  • Introduce multiMatchTie to avoid higher score if document matches more than one synonym (#281) (experimental).

Relase notes for Querqy for OpenSearch can be found here.

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es852.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.5.2

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es843.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.4.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es841.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.4.1

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es833.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.3.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es823.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.2.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es813.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.1.3

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.6es801.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 8.0.1

  • Adding compound morphology to WordBreakCompoundRewriter (#22)

Querqy for Elasticsearch 1.5es7172.0

  • Release for Elasticsearch 7.17.2