Release notes

Major changes in v3.12

  • Optimised development setup (split npm frontend from Scala/Play backend).

  • Removed RPM build. SMUI is now Docker only.

Major changes in v3.11

  • Git deployment: Deploy rules.txt files to a git repository using the user you start SMUI with.

  • NOTE: With v3.11 first JSON payloads exceeding 5K of data were observed in productive environments. Therefore, the data type changed to varchar(10000) (@see /smui/conf/evolutions/default/6.sql). To avoid database migration trouble, it’s strongly recommended to install SMUI version >= 3.11.5. Prior DockerHub versions with Activity Log had been removed!!

  • SMUI explicitly supports operations in a multi instance environment (especially for database migrations, e.g. migration for event history).

Major changes in v3.10

  • Version check: SMUI checks version diff against market standard (on DockerHub) and warns about outdated local setups.

Major changes in v3.9

  • Custom UP/DOWN dropdown mappings for the frontend can be configured. Step sizes for UP/DOWN boost/penalise values are more flexible now.

Major changes in v3.8

  • Activity Log & Reporting capabilities: SMUI now logs every activity (rule creations, updates & the like) & offers reports, that grant an overview over changes done in a certain period.
    • Activies for an input are reported in the details sections.

    • SMUI offers a “Report” view, where (a) all Activities / changes in a specific period can be reviewed (“Activity Report”), and where you (b) find an overview of all rules sorted by last modification (“Rules Report”)

    • Activity Logging must be activated for this (see “Configure application behaviour / feature toggles“ for details).

    • Note: Please install version >= 3.8.3 as the prior v3.8 releases (v3.8.1, v3.8.2) do flawful persistence of Activity event entities (those version have been removed in DockerHub as well)!

Major changes in v3.7

  • Bump querqy version to 3.7.0

  • New flag for list limitation: Limits the visible rule items in the left pane to improve render speed (flag: toggle.ui-list.limit-items-to)

  • New spelling items:
    • Spellings/misspellings can be maintained in SMUI using the querqy replace rewriter (e.g. ombile => mobile)

    • Replace rules are exported in a seperate rule file that can be configured in the application.conf

  • Major refactoring of frontend

Major changes in v3.6

  • Search manager now have the possibility to deactivate (instead of deleting) a whole set of search rules, that belong to a specific input.

  • SMUI provides the possibility to comment on changes to search rules for a specific input.

Major changes in v3.5

  • SMUI provides a docker only runtime environment (including a safe smui:smui user). Installing SMUI from an RPM image is not supported (and therefore not documented) any more.

Major changes in v3 (compared to v2)

  • Auto-DECORATE do not exist any more. Please migrate any usage to Auto-Log-Rule-ID

  • SMUI for that feature depends now on v3.3 of querqy

Major changes in v2 (compared to v1)

  • Database schema definition (SQL) implemented more lightweight, so that SMUI can be operated with every standard SQL database (entity IDs therefore needed to be adjusted, see “Migrate pre-v2 SMUI databases” for details)