querqy.org is an umbrella for open source tools and libraries that helps you create a powerful e-commerce search platform quickly, with a focus on optimising search relevance from day one, beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of the Solr, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch search engines.

What’s included?


A query rewriting library. It helps you to tune your search results for specific search terms. It also comes with some query-independent search relevance optimisations. You can plugin in your own query rewriter. Available for Solr, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch.


Search Management UI. A web UI to manage rules for query rewriting with Querqy (query-dependent synonyms, filters, boost/demote documents, …) Supports rule management per language, multiple rule deployment targets, per-tenant rules. Currently available for Solr.


Docker compose based reference implementations for Solr and Elasticsearch to ramp up your search project quickly.

Where to go from here

Chorus: You can see all components in action together using the Chorus Docker image. Get started here!

Querqy: If you want to install Querqy under Solr, Elasticsearch or OpenSearch, get started here!

Further quick links: